Types of Whistleblower Cases

Handling Whistleblower Cases Nationwide from Newport News, Virginia

Fraud against the government comes in many forms. If you have in-depth knowledge and evidence of a person or company making false claims against the federal or state government, you can blow the whistle on this fraudulent conduct and be rewarded for your efforts.

Whistleblower Cases

At Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein, our experienced whistleblower lawyers help qui tam relators (whistleblowers) understand their rights and pursue cases against wrongdoers in matters involving:

  • Health care fraud such as overpayment on Medicare or Medicaid claims or upcoding medical tests for increased reimbursement by health care providers
  • Pharmaceutical fraud, including off-label marketing of prescription drugs and physician kickbacks for prescribing or promoting drugs
  • Defense contracting fraud such as contractor compliance violations, wage fraud, or bid collusion
  • General Services Administration (GSA) fraud, including manipulation of the bid and award system to drive up bid price
  • SEC/Dodd-Frank violations such as rate and price manipulation, money laundering schemes, and insider trading
  • IRS tax fraud or significant underpayment of taxes
  • Other fraud, including procurement fraud, financial services and mortgage fraud, nursing home and hospice fraud, and education and grant fraud

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If you have information about false claims against the government, don’t delay in calling an experienced attorney today. You must be the first to file your claim, or you could be barred from receiving compensation for your assistance in recovering government funds.

Attorneys at the Anti Fraud Law Group have years of whistleblower and litigation experience. We have helped recover millions of dollars for various government agencies and our clients in cases, including successfully representing a relator among the courageous individuals who assisted the government in recovering $2.1 billion from Pfizer.

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