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Under the Tax Relief and Health Act of 2006, whistleblowers can be rewarded for providing information to the IRS about tax fraud or tax underpayments. At Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein, our whistleblower attorneys can help you understand your rights and navigate the legal process in your tax whistleblower case.

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Examples of IRS Tax Fraud

Tax fraud can take a variety of forms, and the IRS can recover millions of dollars from the fraudulent practices of a single entity. Abuse of tax laws may include:

  • Deliberately underreporting income
  • Exaggerating deductions or losses
  • Keeping two sets of books
  • Creating false entries in books
  • Claiming personal expenses as business expenses
  • Claiming false deductions
  • Hiding or transferring assets or income

If you have specific and credible information about an individual or entity committing tax fraud, you can receive significant compensation for coming forward and helping the government reclaim that lost tax revenue.

Whistleblower Recovery

The IRS rewards those individuals who report and provide evidence of fraudulent tax practices. Under the IRS whistleblower program, you may be entitled to receive 15 to 30 percent of the IRS’s recovery amount, including fines, penalties, and interest, when the disputed amount is in excess of $2 million.

IRS Whistleblower Awards

For informants who do not meet this $2 million threshold, the IRS has the Informant Claims Program, which rewards whistleblowers with a maximum of 15 percent of the amount recovered by the IRS.

Do you have information that will allow you to blow the whistle on fraudulent tax practices? You can help end tax fraud and tax evasion.

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