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Healthcare fraud costs the nation about $68 billion each year, according to conservative estimates by the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association. Other estimates range as high as $230 billion per year – about 10 percent of the annual health care expenditure.

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Common Examples of Healthcare Fraud

Medicare and Medicaid are government-funded programs that support millions of Americans, but in the process, the programs end up paying out billions in fraudulent claims because of schemes such as:

  • Miscoding or Upcoding: Healthcare providers assign a more expensive code to the diagnosis, test, or procedure of a patient in order to obtain a larger reimbursement than they should actually receive for the care given. 
  • Billing for Services Not Actually Rendered: Healthcare providers bill for tests or procedures that they didn’t actually perform.
  • Illegal Marketing of Drugs for Off-Label Use: Pharmaceutical companies promote drugs for uses that are not approved by the FDA, which results in healthcare programs being charged for drugs for unapproved uses.
  • Providing Kickback to Doctors or Hospitals: Drug companies and medical device manufacturers provide cash, gifts, or other financial benefits to physicians or other healthcare providers in exchange for promotion of their products.

Blow the Whistle on Healthcare Fraud

If you have witnessed false claims against the government like these, you can help put an end to these fraudulent schemes.

Do you have evidence of healthcare fraud? Blow the whistle on the corruption that costs American taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

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