What is a whistleblower attorney’s role in my case?

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Whistleblower Attorney When you are considering blowing the whistle on corruption, you will want an experienced lawyer by your side to lead you through the complicated legal process and ensure that you take advantage of the protections and awards afforded to you under the law.

As a whistleblower, you may be rewarded for your efforts in shining a light on false claims made against the government. You can be awarded a percentage of the government’s recovery in the case—up to 30 percent in some cases. A whistleblower lawyer can help you understand what evidence you need to move forward with your case, work with the government to pursue legal action, and help you recover the award you are entitled to.

In addition, as a whistleblower, you are entitled to protections against retaliation by your employer. A whistleblower lawyer will help you understand your rights and take legal action to protect you from retaliation for reporting false claims.

Are you ready to blow the whistle on fraud against the government? Do you have in-depth, documented knowledge showing fraud or misconduct that cost the government and taxpayers money?

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