Do You Have a Whistleblower Case?

Handling Whistleblower Cases Nationwide from Newport News, Virginia

Whistleblower CasesWithout speaking to an experienced whistleblower attorney, you may not understand the options and requirements for filing a whistleblower claim.

Our firm can help. We can evaluate your situation and determine if you have a viable claim to be a whistleblower and to pursue claims as a qui tam relator under federal law. And if you do, our experienced whistleblower attorneys will move quickly – but professionally – to assemble your case and get you to a courthouse in time to file your case first.

Generally speaking, there are three elements to a successful whistleblower claim:

  • You need to have first-hand knowledge of fraud against the federal government
  • You need to be able to document your claims
  • You need to file first – qui tam cases are first come, first serve, and generally speaking only one relator is allowed per case. And if the government files suit before you do, you're out of luck.

The key to a successful whistleblower case is striking a balance between speed and deliberateness. At our firm, our whistleblower attorneys understand the importance of moving fast so you don't lose out on your chance at compensation. But we also understand the importance of making sure everything is in order and assembling the necessary documentation so that you have a compelling case.

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