Can You be a Whistleblower if You Were Involved in the Fraud?

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Whistleblowing after personal involvement in FraudCan you blow the whistle on fraud if you were involved – directly or indirectly – with the crime? That depends entirely on the circumstances. The best way to find out for sure is through a confidential consultation with one of the Newport News whistleblower attorneys at the Antifraud Law Group. During this consultation, we will review your role in the perpetration of fraudulent activity, discuss all relevant laws, and help you determine the part you can play in seeing that justice is served.

What Happens When a Whistleblower was Involved in the Fraud?

Generally speaking, the government is less concerned with people involved in fraud than with those who planned or initiated it. In many cases, lower level employees are either unwittingly involved in the fraudulent activity or have been coerced into it by a superior. Of course, this may be the case even with management and senior employees, though it is more common with employees who can be intimidated with retaliation such as firing, being passed up for promotion, or otherwise mistreated by supervisors. If it can be established that your role was either unknowing or forced, you may be entitled to full compensation under current whistleblower laws, even if you participated in the fraud.

If you knowingly participated in criminal or unethical behavior, the extent of your role may impact the amount of compensation you are entitled to following conviction of those who planned or initiated the fraud. However, it is inadvisable to keep silent out of fear. Your level of intentional involvement can impact how much, if any, compensation you are entitled to, but real consequences, including excessive fines and prison time may follow if you were 1) aware of fraud, 2) involved in it, and 3) failed to report it. In short, if someone else blows the whistle and you are found complicit or directly involved in the fraud, things may not pan out in your favor.

It is always best to do the right thing. In cases of fraud, the right thing is reporting it to the appropriate authorities.

You Don’t Have to Face it Alone

The whistleblower protection attorneys at our firm understand how frightening it can be to report fraud, especially when you have been personally involved. We will carefully review your case, including your level of involvement, and help you chose the best course of action.

Going it alone puts you at the mercy of your employer and the agencies you have reported the crime to. One of the safest ways to protect yourself is by choosing to work with a law firm that focuses on whistleblowing and is prepared to stand by your side to help ensure the best outcome possible.

If you are aware of fraud, even if you have played a role, please call the Newport News office of the AntiFraud Law Group at 757-223-4536 to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation. Our whistleblower attorneys serve Virginia and the nation.