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Healthcare fraud is rampant in the United States, costing the government billions of dollars each year. This type of fraud has deleterious effects on the average American taxpayer, causing healthcare costs to rise and fewer people to be able to get the healthcare they need.false claims act and healthcare fraud virginia

If you have first-hand knowledge of healthcare fraud, you can become a whistleblower to expose corruption in the healthcare world and potentially get a cut of any damages recovered.

Types of Healthcare Fraud

There are a number of ways that physicians, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies commit healthcare fraud. The most common are as follows:

  • Intentional Miscoding: This happens when a medical procedure is miscoded as a more expensive procedure in order to receive a higher reimbursement.
  • Off-Label Marketing of Drugs: Some drugs are only approved by the FDA for one thing, but are marketed as being effective for another thing. This type of marketing is illegal and constitutes fraud.
  • Fabricated Billing: This occurs when a bill is created for a procedure or test that did not, in fact, occur.
  • Bribes and Kickbacks: If a pharmaceutical company provides a hospital or provider with lavish incentives to recommend their drugs, that is fraud.

Employees may witness fraud occurring at their workplace, but are too afraid to blow the whistle for fear of being fired, blackballed, or retaliated against in some other way. However, retaliation by an employer against a whistleblower is illegal under the False Claims Act. If your employer attempts retaliation, your healthcare whistleblower attorney can help you obtain justice and potential compensation.

You can become a healthcare fraud whistleblower if you immediately seek an experienced attorney to navigate your case and file your qui tam suit. You should do this as soon as possible, as only the first to file whistleblower will receive compensation.

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