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Quiz - Should You Begin a Whistleblower Case?

If you have witnessed any type of fraudulent activity where your company or organization defrauded the government, military, or health care industry, you may have the required evidence to be a whistleblower. Whistleblowers can be given 10-30% of the award or settlement that comes from their whistleblower case. However, these cases are precarious and require the expertise of an attorney that knows how to protect you. Please take this quiz to find out if you should proceed with a whistleblower case:

Factors in Determining Whistleblower Compensation (ex rel Peterson v. Sanborn) part 2

In the last post, I was discussing how the court in a recent whistleblower case determined the percentage of recovery that would be awarded to the whistleblower (relator).  In this case, there were clearly factors that justified a higher percentage of recovery, but also factors that weighed against the relator.

Factors in Determining Whistleblower Compensation (U.S. ex rel. Peterson v. Sanborn Map)

As discussed in a recent post, a whistleblower is typically entitled to a percentage of the of total recovery the government receives from a party that has defrauded the government.  When the government intervenes in a case, this percentage is set by statute to be at least 15% of the proceeds of the action or settlement, but not more than 25%.   As a general rule, the whistleblower (also referred to as the relator) is aligned with the government in a whistleblower case.

How Do Whistleblowers Get Paid?

The False Claims Act, which is the law that provides for whistleblower lawsuits for those reporting fraud against the federal government, includes provisions that state whistleblowers generally get to share in the government recovery.  The government obviously does this to motive persons that aware of fraud against the government to come forward and report it.  A whistleblower suit needs to be successful as a result of trial or settlement for a person to recover.  That being said, the recoveries, and as a result, the compensation to whistleblowers can be considerable.